Ralf Brueck


Ralf Brueck grew up in a city and at a time when his hometown Düsseldorf became the nucleus of techno and great artists. To name just a few, Kraftwerk, DAF, Gursky, Gerhard Richter, Joseph Beuys.

During the wild 90s, he studied at the art academy with Bernd Becher in Düsseldorf, and later with Professor Thomas Ruff, whose master student he became.

In the first decade after the turn of the millennium, Ralf was one of the first photo artists to begin digitally altering his photographs.

Today, almost all photo artists do this, but despite controversial criticism in 2004, Brueck did not allow himself to be stopped from distorting elements in his photographs in the Transformer series.

The technique from his Distortion series, created in 2010, which involves stretching pixels to add a new layer to the photo as an overlay, has been copied by photographers worldwide.

Later works from the Synthesis series, in which Brueck explores the chaos and beauty of nature, staging them surreally by immersing them in bright colours or transforming them into shaky 3D effects.

Looking at the artist's oeuvre as a whole, however, it quickly becomes clear that his passion lies in the depiction and digital alteration of architecture. His Deconstruction series contains heavily manipulated photographs as well as static interiors shot from a central perspective, which always raise the question of whether or not they have been manipulated. This results in an interesting field of tension.

In recent years, Brueck has been working more and more with video installations and mapping.

Ralf Brueck lives after long time abroad in Italy and USA, again in Düsseldorf together with his wife Estelle and his dog Leni in an old villa right next to the forest, where his studio is also located. Plenty of space to be creative and invite lots of friends over.

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