We visited Sobak, one of our favorite places to eat in New York City. Jason Rodgers photographed owners Emily & Young in Limited Edition No. 62 & 63. Q&A below.
Can you tell us briefly about Sobak? How was it born? And tell us a little bit about yourselves?
Sobak is a Korean word, which means simple and humble. We thought it was the perfect name for our small and cozy restaurant! Our intention is always to create simple and delicious dishes with fresh ingredients prepped daily, as well as introduce hearty Korean cuisine. Young is the owner and chef of Sobak. He grew up in a small country town in South Korea and lived in Japan for several years, before moving to New York. Emily is a designer and has helped build the visual branding of Sobak.
What is the mission when preparing these dishes? How were the dishes inspired?
Our mission is to provide healthy food with a warm welcome. Our dishes are inspired by our childhood memories. It all began with our first menu item, the Sobak Bowl. Bibimbap is a household staple in Korea–it’s a simple meal you create by mixing banchan (side dishes) from the fridge with rice and kochujang in a large bowl. We hope that our food at Sobak evokes the same warm feeling as when you gather around the table with your family and enjoy a simple, delicious meal together.
What would you tell people who haven't tried your dishes? 
We hope you'll come swing by for lunch!
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