Nick Haramis & Misha Khan

Nick Haramis is a New York based journalist and magazine editor. He is currently the editor-in-chief for Interview magazine. 

Misha Kahn is a New York based designer and sculptor, known for assemblage. He incorporates refuse and found objects in his furniture and lighting designs.

Nick and Misha are currently somewhere upstate where they photographed themselves in No. 14 & No. 22 and sent us their lighting Q&A session.


Morning routine

N: I’ve gotten weird and woo-woo in quarantine. I meditate as soon as I wake up, and then I do this brain-training app called Elevate. And then I drink a lot of coffee.

M: I wake up and gaze idly at my phone for a bit and then scream for Nick to bring me first sips. I have very useless hands in the morning (morning hands)  and so Nick will kindly pour some coffee into my mouth while I’m still in bed. 

Drink of choice

N: White wine or water.

M: When I’m far away from anyone I think ill ever see again I order some kind of blended chocolate banana espresso cookie horror, and then am shocked that we routinely pay MORE for a simple glass of wine

Nighttime ritual

N: …White wine or water. 

M: I like to get my shows in right before sleep! 

Favorite workout

N: I’ve become obsessed with during the pandemic. It’s a plot twist no one could have seen coming.

M:  In the summer it's going to the outdoor pool in the morning for lap swim before work.  In the winter it's xc skiing.

Current uniform 

N: Misha’s old Guess jeans, a revolving door of hoodies, and my bunny slippers.

M:  A big sweater and corduroys 



Book you’re reading

N: The Recent East by Thomas Grattan.

M:  The stone sky by NK Jemesin

Song or album on repeat

N: Evermore by Taylor Swift, but also that new Mariah Carey song with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson about everyone being hot for Santa. 

M:  Tim McGraw by Maggie Rogers

Most-used app

N: Ugh, Instagram.

M: I guess Instagram unfortunately.

Favorite podcast

N: I was just on How Long Gone, hosted by Chris Black and Jason Stewart, and they were very nice to me, so I’ll say that one.

M: The C word

TV show you’re watching 

N: We’ve been hooked on this show called The Wilds, about nine teenage girls who get stranded on a deserted island. It’s a mix of Lost and Lord of the Flies and Mean Girls, but bad.

M: All of them.

Last movie you saw 

N: Peppermint.

M: Soul, which was a sort of heartfelt Pixar film, it ends with the curious and idisyncratic animated suicide and the message to focus less on your passions.

Artist who inspires you at the moment 

N: I love the painter Salman Toor.

M: I just keep looking at Bruno Gironcolli sculptures and wishing I could climb aboard. He’s dead, did you mean someone living? 

Best recent discovery

N: Any discovery at all? Last night, we discovered a recipe for a spicy white bean stew with broccoli rabe that turned out to be quite delicious.

M: a nice jarred lime sambal.



Self-care strategies

N: Exercise has been good for my mental health. I also swear by the power of chaga and a nice candle.

M: jungle baths (close the drain and shower sitting down for 30 minutes while snacking).

Can’t-live-without-it beauty product

N: Everything by Barbara Sturm.

M: Evenhealy geranium face tonic

Place where you go to relax

N: A friend of ours has been kind enough to let us use their farmhouse upstate during the pandemic. There’s a real-size kitchen and rolling hills and a cat. It’s not ours, but it’s heaven.

M: Anything with hot water



Off-duty activity or hobby

N: I unironically love an escape room. I can’t wait for the day when I’ll once again be able to lock myself in a tiny space decorated to look like a saloon or a jungle, and frantically touch everything with my friends.

M: running, xc skiing, hiking.

Favorite charity that’s worth your time

N: Fair Fight. and G.L.I.T.S. are worth everyone’s time.

M: a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. 

Guilty pleasure to (wonderfully) waste your time 

N: Crosswords and Spelling Bee, both on The New York Times. I’ve also been dabbling in ceramics.

M: shopping.


Smartest advice ever received

N: An old boss of mine would always say, “Write what you mean. Be literal. Stop trying to be clever.” It really helped me shake off some of my bad mag-speak habits.

M: Always start with the biggest brush and just Get some color down on the paper - my grandma on water coloring.

Most inspiring trip

N: I’ve been so lucky to have traveled a bunch. Three of my favorite places in the world are the South Island of New Zealand, all of Tokyo, and Kandalama in Sri Lanka.

M: My first time to Swaziland.

Best gift you ever got

N: A signed copy of my favorite book Generation X, by Douglas Coupland.

M: Go-Cart, age 10.

Most memorable meal

N: Any cacio e pepe I’ve ever had.

M: A grilled pregnant river snake in Cambodia. 



Three objects you think will stand the test of time

N: A nice mug, a strong hairdryer, and a cozy sweater.

M: Lalanne Rhino Desk, Tesla Cyber Truck and one of my pieces I hope.


What’s your next project? 

N: We begin closing our March issue, the first of 2021, as soon as we get back from the holiday. I can’t wait for people to see the insane stuff we’ve been working on.

M: Hopefully some in person shows in the new year and the launch of an editioned couch a long time in the making.

What are you looking forward to in 2021? 

N: Mostly that it’s not 2020.

M: Watching my robot carve all the insane things I drew in VR for six months of quarantine.


Ten years from now, you will

N: Be ten years older, probably no wiser.

M: have built a magical compound in the jungle where my comfort group of finger monkeys can finally be happy.

Invention or innovation you most want to see in the future

N: I just don’t understand why it’s taken so long to have flying cars.

M: Whatever the aliens have.

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