The Antique Warehouse Hudson NY

Paul and John founded the legendary Cottage Treasures 24 years ago inLong Valley, NJ. In 2014, they opened The Antique Warehouse Hudson NY and quickly created a place of epic proportions, scope, and style... and a shopping experience like no other. They find the choicest pieces in the attic of an old barn... or might just purchase the whole barn and reconstruct it in the store! Paul and John have a long history of seeing possibilities in what might otherwise be overlooked.
LERET LERET visited the Antique Warehouse Hudson in early January. We immediately connected with the space and saw an opportunity for our sweaters to live in this special place. We reached out to photographerJason Rodgers, who is currently working from Hudson, to shoot the sweaters. Jason casted 4 local people from Hudson who wore different sweaters around the warehouse. Their names are Michelle, Bunny, Tshidi and Atticus.
Michele is French. Michele has green hair. Michele is best friends with designer Pat Field. Michele lives in Catskill, New York. Michele was a part of the downtown scene, Michele was famous for going to the paradise garage. Michele brings down town wherever she goes.
Bunny is a visual artist. Bunny is a mom to her daughter Nia. Bunny lives in Greenpoint. Bunny shares an old house with a bunch of friends in an abandoned summer camp. Bunny loves vintage. Bunny’s look is inspired by Angie Bowie. Bunny is from another era.
Tshidi is new to Hudson, New York. Tshidi owns a vintage store on the main drag of the town. Tshidi came from Brooklyn and used to be a waiter in a great Ethiopian restaurant. Tshidi is a dad. Tshidi and his wife manufacture hand-made clogs. Tshidi is a sculpture who works with cement. Tshidi is excited for the social changes Hudson is starting to go through.
Atticus is 11. Atticus has two moms Alison and Meshell. Meshell is the famous musician Meshell Ndegeocello. Atticus attends school in Brooklyn and is in class a couple days a week. Atticus loves games of strategy. He loves building models and his cat named Weezer.
New York City based model Lola McDonnell also joined us for the shoot, who was a great addition to the local cast. We spent a whole day shooting different personalities in very unique looks styled by Shala Rothenberg. Everybody transmitted a different energy to the sweaters and vice versa. We are incredibly grateful for their participation, and we are filled with joy to share these portraits with you all. Enjoy the show.
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