Zolaykha Sherzad & Frederic Levrat

Zolaykha Sherzad, based in New York, founded Zarif Design in 2005. She works directly with local Afghan artisans in Kabul, designing pieces for both women and men that merge Afghan attire with a contemporary modern twist. Her work is applauded by many including French designer agnès b., performance artist Marina Abramović, and acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Dr. Deepak Chopra. For Zolaykha, Zarif Design is more than just fashion — it’s fashion with a purpose. It’s a deep-rooted desire to help her fellow Afghans economically while creating pieces that embrace authentic Afghan craftsmanship.

Frederic Levrat is a New York Based architect. Awards include the New York Foundation for the Arts in Architecture, the Young Architects Forum, and the Europan 5 Competition in Zurich. Fred has taught at Columbia University and Pratt and has been invited to participate in final reviews at many universities including Princeton, Harvard and UPenn. He joined the New York firm De-Spec in September 2012 and published two books related to his teaching in Milan about the urban canals and in Lugano regarding the Influence of new technologies over the public spaces. His projects include the building of a restaurant on Saint Marks Place in the East Village, designing a school in the Bronx, and a private house in Mexico.  

Keisuke Asano photographed the couple in their East Village apartment.

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Morning routine:

Z: prayer, yoga and a walk.

F: riding through manhattan with my bike, at least 2 cups of tea. I can drink 8-10 black tea a day.

Drink of choice:

Z: pommegranate.

F: tea.

 Favorite workout:

Z: dance.

F: futbol.



Book you’re reading:

Z: the conference of the birds.

F: the life and death of great american cities.

 Song or album on repeat:

Z: persian music, Namjoo.

F: maybe Manu Chao.

 Most-used app:

Z: music.

F: the guardian.

 Last movie you saw:

Z: EO.

F: I don't remember.

 Artist who inspires you at the moment:

Z: Christo.

F: Michael Heizer

Place where you go to relax:

We all go to a lil house in the Berkshires.

Cocorino in summer.

Cooking for friends.



Guilty pleasure to (wonderfully) waste your time:

Z: a cigarette.

F: sushi restaurants.



Most inspiring trip:

Z: Japan.

F: Tibet.

 Best gift you ever got:

Z: my two boys.

F: other than cashmere?

 Most memorable meal:

Z: watermelon in Afghanistan on a riverside.

F: Kyoto with the Mayor of Kyoto. Lecture in Osaka university. We ate in Kyoto. 20 little plates.



Invention or innovation you most want to see in the future:

Z: power of healing.

F: translator for humans to talk to animals.

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