LERET LERET is a luxury label specialized in a single garment, the perfectly universal cashmere sweater. Thoughtfully designed in New York and meticulously crafted in Mongolia, each piece comes to life as a fine cashmere treasure and a timeless wardrobe staple. Siblings Andrea and Edouard Leret conceived the brand as a manifestation of their creative dialogue, two opposites weaving stories together through one piece of clothing by introducing limited-editions of the classic crew neck, updating the traditional silhouette with a relaxed fit, fluid cut and a seasonless layering potential. Through a personal design lens the label seeks to explore narratives around the endurance of the modest garment, unaffected by the passage of time. LERET LERET sweaters are a gentle embrace: made to be worn, treasured and passed down through generations.

Fine Cashmere to Treasure

LERET LERET sources its high quality yarn in Mongolia, heartland of the most valuable cashmere. Throughout the year the region endures abrupt temperature changes with boiling summers and freezing winters. In order to survive the harsh transitions, the Hircus goats, known for their rare high quality fiber, grow a soft duvet or undercoat of remarkably fine and soft fibers masked under a rougher coat of hair. During the milder days of spring, generations of herders skillfully use the combing technique to gently shear the undercoat by hand. LERET LERET is proud to support this century old tradition by ethically manufacturing each piece locally in Mongolia, with the most precious cashmere and exceptional craftsmanship.