Established in 2019, LERET LERET is a modern luxury label dedicated to a single garment, the cashmere sweater. Thoughtfully designed in New York and sustainably crafted in Mongolia, LERET LERET sweaters elevate the classic staple with a relaxed fit and original graphics to create a piece that is unique yet universal–ageless, genderless, genreless. Launched in small capsule Editions, every style is produced in a limited run. The limited-edition motifs arise from a creative dialogue between founders, siblings Edouard and Andrea Leret, who draw inspiration from art, architecture, music, design and personal experience. There is a story behind each graphic, but designs are numbered not named, remaining open to interpretation. LERET LERET is where art meets craft. Our sweaters are aesthetically and fundamentally enduring; made to be worn, collected and treasured for years to come.


LERET LERET sources its yarn in Mongolia, heartland of the most valuable cashmere. Throughout the year the region endures abrupt temperature changes with boiling summers and freezing winters. In order to survive the harsh transitions, the Hircus goats, known for their rare high-quality fiber, grow a remarkably fine and soft duvet or undercoat beneath a rougher coat of hair. During the milder days of spring, generations of herders skillfully use a combing technique to gently shear the undercoat by hand. LERET LERET is proud to support this century-old tradition. We manufacture every sweater in Mongolia with a single producer, using the most precious cashmere and exceptional craftsmanship.