Helen with the Gold Teeth

Helen with the Gold Teeth has been making grills for 2 years today.

“When I first started doing this I was a pre sales Systems Engineer.  I was a very talented engineer but my career wasn’t moving the way that it should have been.  I started doing jewelry as a way to continue working and growing and learning. “

 Helen has gone from producing music to working in tech before making grills full time. She has made all kinds of pieces for all kinds of people.

"They’re very diverse. I’m constantly surprised by who is interested in coming to shop with me. They’re service workers, school teachers, housing developers, actresses and models.  I rather enjoy them.  They bring a lot of things to my awareness and include me in special times of their lives.  I’m very happy to know them".


 Although Helen has had many different creative focuses in her life she knows it all ladders up. Everything you did meeting everything you want to do.

"I think the music and nightlife chapter taught me how to use social media to connect with people on creative stuff.  It gave me a relationship to the public too.  After making music I got really into djing. My passion was making everyone enjoy Southern rap music and early trap.  Back then it was not the dominating kind of music.  Dance music was.  Promoting the culture these rappers emerge from was a part of my work.  I think there is an obvious link between grillz and Down south rap.  My time in tech taught me a lot about business in a formal sense.  I think that’s why HWTGT was a real company just after starting to make stuffs.  In the future I know I can make whatever I want.  If the interest is there I’ll do whatever it takes to make the work.  I’ve ventured into other types of jewelry beyond gold teeth.  That’s been great.  I have other ideas I’ve developed and I really believe those things will come into existence in the future."

 With the future ahead and Helen’s unique grills coming into high demand we had to know... who’s the dream call coming from? 

"This might be tacky but the clients on my wishlist are OJ Da Juicemane, Nicki Minaj, Luenell or Yung Dolph.  He goes so crazy with the jewelry." 

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