Frank Falcinelli & Frank Castronovo

Frank Falcinelli & Frank Castronovo are co-chefs and co-owners of Brooklyn based restaurant Frankies 457 Spuntino. We visited their campus and sat down for a lighting Q&A session, while sharing a pie from F&F Pizzeria

Jason Rodgers photographed the Franks in No. 11 & No. 21.



Morning routine

FF: wake up at 5ish. Float in hot water for an hour or so and hit the arc trainer or peleton for and hour and then float for another hour. Head up to Frankie’s campus and have my morning coffee and salsa verde for breakfast.

FC: Rise and shine 6ish. Stretch and move calisthenics routine--Variety coffee (chemex) read/listen to the NY times podcasts--Nutritional program (probiotics, greens, oils, vitamins)   Listen to the Daily podcast on the commute to Frankies campus  

Drink of choice

FF: champagne or white burgundy or champagne or Burgundy and some times sake 

FC: Mostly delicious wine --Frankies olive oil Martini also hits the spot 

Current uniform

FF: white Ralph Lauren crew neck t shirt .  White Levi’s.  Boat shoes or one of a dozen pairs of LUSSO CLOUDS Slippers and booties….but full disclosure frank and I only cook in cashmere. No joke. Last 25 years. Kitchen   Us.  Cashmere.   Better than an apron or chefs jacket.  Cashmere. 

FC: 45RPM loose indigo slacks- james perse cotton & cashmere T-shirt, Loro Piana chuka. Cashmere-all year. Haven't taken the leret sweater out of sight since we met.



Book you’re reading

FF: New England before the mayflower and the Jon buscemi new bible from the folks at the Good Bible Company

FC: Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake,  

Most-used app

FF: Spotify and radiooooo but that insta app that guy zuckersschmuck owns runs a close third

FC: Coinbase-Slack-Tesla-insta

Last movie you saw

FF: a secret garden.  

FC: the clove hitch killer


Place where you go to relax

FF: New York harbor or Selinunte.

FC: I am a beach bum by default--. these days the Hamptons. 


Off-duty activity or hobby

FF: boat or build

FC: currently building a house so that’s all my time

Guilty pleasure to (wonderfully) waste your time

FF: painting and napping, the five hour Friday lunch at Le Bernadin that becomes dinner or all day at la pineta

FC: daydreaming on the beach 



Smartest advice ever received

FF: health is wealth

FC: moderation is key

Most inspiring trip

FF: Sicily Japan Peru Japan sicily

FC: So many favs: (Nepal, India)- (Australia, New Zealand) - (China, Japan)  but if you add up all the times to Italy and Sicily I think that wins! 

Best gift you ever got

FF: to spend so much time with my grandparents and parents

FC: 2 beautiful daughters  

Most memorable meal:

FF: have we had that yet? That’s the dragon we chase our whole lives

FC: have had so many it's hard to say one: Lunch in my Grandparents garden,  Etxebarri Spain, Noma copenhagen, Central Peru, Paul Bocuse Lyon, Le Bernadin NYC, this little tempura spot in Tokyo. Ardigna Sicily.  



Three objects you think will stand the test of time

FF: a great copper pot, a first generation Cummins diesel and I’m guessing a Leret Leret Mongolian cashmere sweater 

FC: watches and jewelry inherited, (you never actually own them you just look after them for the next generation). handmade cheese grater my great grandfather made from a can (nothing grates cheese better) my il Bissonte travel bag which has circumnavigated the globe a few times with me. 



 What are you looking forward to in 2021?

FF: less stress and anxiety but really more f and f pizza

FC: global recovery from the pandemic and prosperity for all. 



Ten years from now, you will

FF: hope to be happier and healthier every day

FC: be wiser

Invention or innovation you most want to see in the future

FF: the world peace wand, the anti hate app. Something. Anything to help this situation and make it cool

FC: something to change the course of our environmental direction.


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