LERET LERET’s Artist Intervention series gives carte blanche to creative talents whose work inspires us. Our cashmere crewneck is their blank canvas. The series begins with British illustrator Angelica Hicks, known for her clever puns and charming illustrations that lovingly poke fun at the fashion industry. Angelica’s design for LERET LERET is a tender but gently winking statement on life during the Covid-19 pandemic. The limited-edition graphic of oversize hands embracing the body reflects a collective longing for touch at a time when we are forced to be physically distant from one another.

“I had been thinking about how much I missed hugging my friends and family,“ explains Angelica. “This is my tribute to the hug, the most important human connection.” The Angelica Hicks Intervention sweater is made in two colors. Matching cashmere beanies complete the capsule. To founders Andrea and Edouard Leret, the Intervention embodies a sense of collectiveness: “Even though we are all forced to be far apart from one another, it’s an important time for us to come together in spirit.”

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