Sharon Drijanski

As the founder of The Feathered, a concept shop specializing in a discerning edit of local Mexican and international emerging designers, Sharon Drijanski exudes a noble respect for the art of dressing, for fashion as a medium of self-expression, confidence and strength.

As a woman, a mother of four, and as an avant-garde retail disruptor, Drijanski was born and raised in Mexico City in a family of culinary and art connoisseurs. She studied visual arts in Mexico, initially venturing into sculpture, while her innate devotion towards fashion remained a constant creative driver.

The Feathered was born in 2012 in Miami, Florida’s Design District, as an online store and a space to introduce and harvest designers with a distinctive point-of-view, while allowing for a deeper dialogue along side the ongoing shifts of the market.

In 2013, Sharon relocated to México where The Feathered spread its wings in the middle of Polanco, quickly winning the hearts of those who seek a space to discover new designers, explore individuality, creativity, freedom, and the everlasting beauty that sparks within. The omni-channel platform embodies all the facets of fashion and arts that sparks its founder’s ongoing creative and curatorial pursuit—to bloom where you have been planted, is an extension of Drijanski’s philosophy towards life, fashion and limitless creative evolution.

We photographed Sharon at her home in Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX.

Sharon wears limited edition sweater No. 08, and Elvis wears No. 01.



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