Natalia Ramos

Natalia Ramos is a visual artist based in Mexico City; she explores illustration and sculpture. Her work in illustration has been published in the New York Times and her sculptures are currently on view across several galleries in Mexico.

Andrea Leret, Co-founder of LERET LERET visited her studio in Roma Sur where she interviewed her.

Alana Burns photographed Natalia in limited-edition No. 29 & No. 31


Morning routine: Wake up and make coffee while still seeing blurry.

Drink of choice: red wine 

Nighttime ritual: Eating dark chocolate after dinner.

Favorite workout: Walking jiji.

Current uniform: All black, all white or full color.




Book you’re reading: Amberes by Roberto Bolaño & The Beauty of Everyday Things by Soetsu Yanagi 

Song or album on repeat: Benjamin Clementine’s “At Least for Now”

Most-used app: Instagram

Favorite podcast: On Being by Krista Tippet

TV show you’re watching: Scenes from a marriage, it’s so so so good. It’s a remake of the 1973 version by Ingmar Bergman.

Last movie you saw: Dune, I love the scenes at night, where there is only natural light.

Artist who inspires you at the moment: Lee Ufan, Philip Guston, Isamu Noguchi, Ettore Sottsass, Franz Erhard Walter.

Best recent discovery: Designing my own furniture.



Self-care strategies: Face lavender oil before going to bed <3 

Can’t-live-without-it beauty product: Glossier’s Cloud Paint, a blush!

Place where you go to relax: Bosque de Chapultepec


Off-duty activity or hobby: Watching movies

Favorite charity that’s worth your time: Greenpeace

Guilty pleasure to (wonderfully) wastes your time: Sit down and eat popcorn.



Most inspiring trip: Japan a few years ago, that island blows my mind in every possible way.

Best gift you ever got: Recently I got some vintage sunglasses I love.

Most memorable meal: Infinite nigiris and guasanas with lemon and chili, a typical snack in Mexico.



Three objects you think will stand the test of time:Fork, Helium Balloon & candle holder.


What’s your next project? I’m working on ceramic murals now. I want to play with the idea of layering ceramic on the walls.

What are you looking forward to in 2021? Family time at the end of the year <3



Ten years from now, you will: I'd love to continue making sculpture and objects. Learn to make delicious meals at home and invite friends.

Invention or innovation you most want to see in the future: You click a button and you're immediately in a cottage in the woods. 

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