Mariana Arriaga

Mariana Arriaga is a film director, born and raised in Mexico City in a family of filmmakers. 

She studied communications and specialized in film. Her first work, a short film named “En Defensa Propia” was nominated to the Venice Horizon Award to premiere. 

After that, her first shooting experience started co-directing with her brother Santiago.  They created a production company called Memento Mori Films, and did many commercials, music videos, short films, fashion films. 

Currently she is working with her brother on their first feature film “A Cielo Abierto”, which is planed to be released end of 2023. 

Mariana is wearing limited Edition No. 44, photographed by Karla Lisker in her apartment in La Roma. 



Morning routine: Always exercise for one hour and try to have a quick coffee with friends after.

Drink of choice: Water, latte and beer.

Nighttime ritual: Trying to read for at least half an hour (and/or) spending quality time with couple.

Favorite workout: Sersana, Kentro & Siclo (or spinning, rope jump, and functional training with a bit of yoga and stretching).

Current uniform: Can’t really say I have one.



Book you’re reading: Los Detectives Salvajes- Roberto Bolaño. El Infinito en un Junco- Irene Vallejo

Song or album on repeat: Ludovico Einaudi (all of it)

Most-used app:Instagram

Favorite podcast:I listen to anything interesting I find on Radio France to practice some French.

TV show you’re watching:I’m not that much into TV shows. I’d rather watch films.

Last movie you saw:Rewatched “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”.

Artist who inspires you at the moment:Just saw two exhibitions from two artists that inspired me: Bill Viola and Eve Arnold.

Best recent discovery: That I am crazy about greek mythology (I’m no expert on the subject but I find it fascinating).



Self-care strategies: Exercising everyday and finding the right ways to split my time between family, work, friends, couple and myself. Balance is everything.

Can’t-live-without-it beauty product: Resurfacing Mask- Tata Harper.

Place where you go to relax: My parents’ house.



Off-duty activity or hobby: Strolling around with my camera (or phone) taking photos.

Favorite charity that’s worth your time: There are countless social problems that need to be addressed today and not enough time. I think we should all start by the people we interact with everyday. Try to always help. Grow our empathy and our sense of community. Listen to them, learn names. In general, care about others. 

Guilty pleasure to (wonderfully) waste your time: Listen to other people’s conversations in public places: coffee shops, restaurants, the street, etc.



Smartest advice ever received: Family is the most important thing. 

Most inspiring trip:Egypt

Best gift you ever got:A brother!

Most memorable meal: It’s not only about the meal but also about who you share it with. My favorite meals are Sundays with family (a tradition since I was a child).




Three objects you think will stand the test of time:

  1. Books
  2. Cameras


What’s your next project?

Finishing my first feature film called “A Cielo Abierto”.

What are you looking forward to in 2024?

Getting the movie released and finding our next story.


Ten years from now, you will: Be a mom, that’s for sure.

Invention or innovation you most want to see in the future: Either time machine or tele transportation machine.

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