Julian Soto

w/ the likes of the Onyx Collective, JIL, and most recently as a solo artist, Julian Soto  has “…been writing singing and performing my own music for the last ten years out here in NYC and around the world.” 

but “Just before the pandemic life changed for me. A couple times over.”

"In addition to some needed time away from the city, Basketball and video games changed my life. Not so much the things themselves but more so the community I found being around them and then eventually participating. Never played basketball growing up and was never really any good at video games. But it all came together with a little help from YouTube to bring me back to making music with renewed purpose and A newfound love for life. I’m inspired now more than ever to let my light shine for the folks around me."

We took a walk with Julian around our studio and asked him some questions.

Photographer Jason Rodgers shot Julian in No. 34, No. 36 & No. 37



Morning routine: water, spliff, bathroom, walk or food, phone calls, texts, walk, more food, and then the day has truly begun. Oh and basketball before all of this on a good day but afterwards if I have time. 

Drink of choice: Martinelli's sparkling apple cider or water 

Current uniform: jeans, no 34 LL, black superstars



Book you’re reading: I'm not reading anything at the moment 

Song or album on repeat: I don't listen to music often. I hear music all the time and I usually find something about it to like, but  I listened more to music my friends made than I did popular music for like most of my life. But yeah I’m pushing P.

Most-used app: voice memo app 

Favorite podcast: flagrant 2 

Last movie you saw: does the Kanye doc count as a movie?

Artist who inspires you at the moment:  Salomon Faye. Also Yeet. Also, Mike Grapes.

Best recent discovery: did you know there’s professional pillow fighting?



Self-care strategies: as much basketball as my body can handle. Extra water. Grabba Spliffs 

Place where you go to relax: any rooftop anywhere



Off-duty activity or hobby: streaming. Errrday follow me on twitch @sotostream or follow me on IG @juliansmusic and click the link in my bio!!!!!!

Guilty pleasure to (wonderfully) waste your time: damn. I’m sort of trying to eliminate things like that. No time wasted doing even things that might be guilty pleasures.



Most inspiring trip: first time in Tokyo

Best gift you ever got: I got this video camera when I was 14. Really old camera my dad found and it was a great gift.

Most memorable meal: I think it was, I got this chicken katsu curry in Shibuya. It changed my life. Ok but u know what, this all u can eat Bengali buffet. 6-8 dollars in Jersey City. Bengali sweet house.



3 Objects you think will stand the test of time: Stress relievers. Get back to me on this one. Also you can spell the word "time" using the letters in the word "item".



Ten years from now, you will: you know sometimes I think answering questions like these can be dangerous. Other times I feel it’s necessary to declare intentions for your future. Right now I’m just trynna show the world a good time. 

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