Héctor Madera

Héctor Madera was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico in 1977, and currently lives and works in Mexico City.

The work of Héctor arises from personal experiences and the observation of everyday situations in which the day-to-day struggle is reflected. Embarrassing situations, unfortunate circumstances and insignificant achievements are the inspiration of his artistic practice. Through different media ranging from collage, neon sculptures and large-scale paintings, Madera evokes emotional states that range from sadness and frustration, to ecstasy and joy.

Among his most recent exhibitions stand out: Leyendas de la cancha with Bobby Cruz at Km0.2 (San Juan, PR, 2020); YO NACÍ EN UN MARATÓN at Casa Equis (Mexico City, MX, 2020).

His work has been exhibited at El Museo del Barrio (New York, USA); the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de San Juan (San Juan, PR); Museo La Ene (Buenos Aires, AR); the Saatchi Gallery (London, UK) and the Taipei Fine Art Museum –TFAM (Taipei, TW).

Hector is wearing Limited Edition No. 45 and No. 46 in his home in Roma Norte photographed by Alana Burns.


Morning routine: alarma 6:30 am, vaso de agua, estiro, corro ya luego me ducho y desayuno.

Drink of choice: agua.

Nighttime ritual: mi teléfono me avisa a las 10 que es tiempo de wind down entonces me relajo para ya tipo 11 - 11:30 estar ya en camita.

Favorite workout: running, meditation. 

Current uniform: todo lo que he hecho con mi marca MADERA.



Book you’re reading: THE NEW LUXURY (defining the aspirational in the age of hype).

Song or album on repeat: Alan Tew - drama suite part 2.

Most-used app: WhatsApp, Instagram , balance.

Favorite podcast: Mike Tyson podcast.

TV show you’re watching: the last of us.

Last movie you saw: smile.

Artist who inspires you at the moment: michel majerus. 

Best recent discovery: la comida costarricense.



Self-care strategies: meditation , running, mucha loción para todo el cuerpo, la cara, el pelo y la soledad.

Can’t-live-without-it beauty product: loción tanto para pelo como para cara y el cuerpo.

Place where you go to relax: good walk o voy a la playa.



Off-duty activity or hobby: walking.

Favorite charity that’s worth your time: helping cats, give them food, y a algunos los he llevado a vacunar y a esterilizar. Hay un gran problema de Gatos callejeros en mi ciudad de San Juan. Entonces trato como puedo de aliviándose la situación one cat at a time.

Guilty pleasure to (wonderfully) waste your time: ver peleas viejas de mma. Así me voy informando cada vez más acerca del deporte.



Smartest advice ever received: respira.

Most inspiring trip: mi viaje por la costa amalfitana en Italia. 

Best gift you ever got: mi Vespa. 

Most memorable meal: asopao de gandules con bolitas de plátano y carne de res.



Three objects you think will stand the test of time: mi Vespa, mi obra, mi casa.



What’s your next project? A group show I am curating for adhesivo contemporary in may.

What are you looking forward to in 2023? To keep creating my art , keep designing and further develop my clothing line MADERA and for sure keep having fun.



Ten years from now, you will: have more success as an artist and entrepreneur. And will be living an even more healthier life. 

Invention or innovation you most want to see in the future: to tax all millionaires and billionaires in the world so that we can help people that have no food, people that have less. 



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