Edith Vaisberg H

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Edith Vaisberg is the founder of adhesivo contemporary: a gallery, artist residency, and magazine — based in Mexico City. She has curated shows in Paris, Madrid, LA, Miami, and NYC and has worked closely with artists, art fairs, institutions, and collectors worldwide.

Edith’s passion for art, design, and history has been a driving force for her. At the age of 18, she moved to NYC to pursue a career in Industrial Design at Pratt.

Today, through a meticulously curated program, Edith strives to amplify the voices of artists, build bridges between cultures, and most importantly, create opportunities.

Her favorite part about working in the art world is getting to meet so many fascinating people and being constantly stimulated. She has also amassed a collection of +100 pieces.

In her spare time, Edith enjoys music, traveling to new places, taking photos, reading, writing, hosting gatherings at her place, and practicing sports.

Edith is wearing Limited Edition No. 41 photographed by Karla Lisker in her Condesa apartment



Morning routine: waking up early, catching up on my phone, power-walking in Condesa, and grabbing a flat white from one of the neighborhood spots. 

Drink of choice: perfect gin martini with a twist.

Nighttime ritual: vitamin C serum, hot tea, and a rom-com movie. 

Favorite workout: boxing. 

Current uniform: black leggings, black t-shirt, oversized sweater, and sneakers. 



Book you’re reading: “The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington”

Song or album on repeat: éternelle album by Edith Piaf

Most-used app: Instagram and Whatsapp.

Favorite podcast: “The Daily” (New York Times), “The Week in Art” (The Art Newspaper) “This is Paris” (Paris Hilton’s podcast), and “Se Regalan Dudas”.

TV show you’re watching: Succession; although I still can’t get over White Lotus. 

Last movie you saw: Cinema Paradiso, for the 100th time. 

Artist who inspires you at the moment: Meret Oppenheim, Dorothea Tanning, Leonora Carrington, Leonor Fini… I’m currently on a 1930s surrealist artists’ deep dive. 

Best recent discovery: frozen chocolate-covered raspberries, delivered to my door in 10 minutes.



Self-care strategies: phone on airplane mode, exercise, and a full night's sleep. 

Can’t-live-without-it beauty product: laneige berry lip mask

Place where you go to relax: Caracas, my hometown.



Off-duty activity or hobby: playing tennis & guitar.

Favorite charity that’s worth your time: alimenta la solidaridad, fundana, fundación chamos…

Guilty pleasure to (wonderfully) waste your time: daily tiktok fix. 




Smartest advice ever received: work hard, stay humble, and be kind. 

Most inspiring trip: a 6-day climb to the top of Mount Roraima.

Best gift you ever got: protection amulets & crystals from my grandma. 

Most memorable meal: Shabbat meals with my fam. 




Three objects you think will stand the test of time: cameras, paintings, and books.


What’s your next project? To publish a book. I just opened a permanent art gallery space and a residency in Mexico City. 

What are you looking forward to in 2023? quality time with loved ones, personal growth, meaningful projects, and fun trips.



Ten years from now, you will: have made a positive impact in my community & professional field, have a big family & life will continue to be as exciting as it is now. 

Invention or innovation you most want to see in the future: teletransportation!

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