Angelica Hicks

Angelica Hicks is a British-born New York based artist and illustrator.

Known for her unmistakable and playful watercolor-and-ink drawings that cross-reference popular culture with fashion, Hicks started drawing during her last semester at University College of London, channeling a passion she was lacking in her studies. She  began drawing mostly little comic books and jokes, and took to social media to showcase her illustrations. Her cartoonish portraits responding to fashion and her unique way of interpreting the love of people to laugh at it, has gained the esteem of some of fashion’s most relevant voices and personalities; propelling a roaster of collaborations with the likes of Gucci, Missoni, Vogue, Semaine, Net-a-Porter, The Rockefeller Center, to name a few.

Angelica was brought up in London with a unique appreciation for the arts amongst a design-conscious family. Her father, an interior designer, and her mother an Italian-born designer, taught her from an early age to be observant and appreciative of all things creative.

In 2017, she took her work offline to launch her book ‘Tongue in Chic: The Fabulous Fashion World of Angelica Hicks’, a positive proof that fashion is best served with a sense of humor and doesn’t need to be taking too seriously.

Cultural commentary is at the core of each of her illustrations, fashion, puns and cheeky humor all collide in her world. Her dream collaborations include mixing high-end with the necessities in life. Her work shares a message that fashion is attainable for anyone, trends can be bought, but style and beauty remain from within. She values authenticity and artistic freedom, doing what feels right—a sense of confidence in one’s own voice is Angelica’s approach towards every creative discipline.

We photographed Angelica at her apartment in New York’s Union Square.

Angelica wears limited edition sweater No. 07


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